Casino Bonuses – Promos, Prizes, Cash, Rewards & Free Spins!

Online promotions are everywhere, the casino industry pushing all the boundaries and trying to have you as a member, even if it means giving you money to do so in the process.

So we’re going to show you what you get when you sign up and after the registration, when you become a new member of an online casino. Firstly though, which casino are you going to?

Where will you collect your casino bonuses? At these top UK sites you can claim your own selection:

1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Casino bonuses – Picking the Best Online Casino Bonuses in the UK comes second. Firstly, you look at the casino!

Picking a casino is fairly easy if you know what to look for. Here’s a breakdown of the key ingredients:

  • Safety – You want a casino that is fully licensed and regulated. Check casinos have the right certificates to run online by checking the bottom of the home page and the ‘about us’ section of their casino. Safety and security are always important, especially as it’s your money and personal details being handed over.
  • Payments – Adding on from safety section above, it’s worth checking you can actually deposit money to register, some casinos may not accept your type of banking, adding to this look out for casinos using SSL Digital Encryption this is the latest in safety measures to secure funds and information.
  • Games – Does the casino have the games you want to play and do they have new games available so you know they keep the website fresh and updated? You want to know that you won’t get bored after a week and repeat the registration process again with another casino. All casinos should have slots, blackjack (, highly recommended site), poker, keno, roulette, lottery, bingo and live casino, these are the basics. Some won’t have all but it’s down to what you want to play.
  • Promotions – Does the casino reward older members? It’s all very well getting you inside, but the best casinos will still continue to reward its members long after the process of the welcome bonus. Look out to see if they offer free spins and cash prizes on a daily or weekly basis.
  • VIP Membership – playing for points can lead to further gains, casinos will usually have a program or scheme in place to reward loyalty with bonuses and gifts.

For a more detailed account for each head to

The Best Casino Bonuses – UK casino are looking to give you the Best reward. Here are the top casino bonuses.

casino bonus

The offers made available from online casinos uk sites come in three common forms and they are:

  • No deposit bonuses are a favourite for bonus hunters, okay, they aren’t the most lucrative of bonuses but the ease of getting them makes this the most popular. The reward is minimal, a small free spin offer or a small cash reward, something to tease your fancy, give you a little taste of the casino without having to use any of your own money. Small and sweet, but impossible to get any big returns from.
  • Free spins are aimed at those wanting to rack up the hours spinning slot after slot, waiting for the magic reels to hit jackpot, the number of spins does change from casino to casino, but they can start as low as 50 and rocket up to 1000s. The casino bonus of free spins offers a brilliant platform to start betting from once the number of spins has come to an end.
  • Deposit bonuses are the best form of casino bonus, you can see a deposit you make multiply by 10 times its value, sometimes even more if you shop around for the bigger percentage return. This 100% bonus though is the one most commonly seen around the internet. With an enormous mark up on your original deposit, you can bet bigger and gamble longer, it really is the best way to start making a profit, once you’ve surpassed your original deposit amount, what’s left to play with is free money and should be used to make a profitable sum to either put aside and withdraw or to leave and make tactical bets to keep it growing.

Casino Lifestyle – Combing casino bonuses and the casino entertainment for a successful time gambling online.

By now we hope we have broadened your idea of what casinos can do for you and what they offer overall. If by chance you have some thoughts, check out , a site that needs to be seen. It’s so easy to just lump for the first offer you see without knowing what’s behind it. The offers themselves will come with restrictions, some casinos restrict free spin rewards to a few selected slots, sometimes only the one. Other casinos have wagering requirements, meaning that even if they give you money to use there are terms and conditions of how it can only be used. Despite this there are some rare casinos that are true champions to the cause and will allow you to use your bonus as you wish, here’s a little tip, look out for no wagering requirements and spend the casino bonuses you find as you like.

Casino’s that tend to offer no wagering requirement tend to run a fairer company, they believe in transparency and leave the small print nonsense to other casinos that don’t want you to have too much fun at their expense.

So in summary:

  • Find the casino that suits your level of enjoyment.
  • Make sure that casino is legal and has a gambling license and regulated by governing bodies.
  • Promotions mean prizes and you can get continued rewards with the right casino.
  • Casino bonuses should be selected to make the most from and that suits your preferred way of playing.
  • Find the best deposit bonus, no deposit terms!
  • As a final tip – you can play in as many casinos as you like, there’s no harm in using up the casino bonuses in one casino and moving onto the next another, it just means a bit more signing up. Learn more about this process here,